Ticket Information

all standard screening tickets $12* except for special events.

They are available in three locations:

At the Door

at the door of the venue if your’e lucky!

In Advance

in advance from “Hunt a Book“, Scone (Don’t forget to browse around this lovely store)



Sat 22nd  September 6.30pm – SHORT FILM FEST RED CARPET EVENT        BUY TICKET(S)

Sun 23rd September 6.30pm – SHORT FILM FEST CASUAL ENCORE EVENT        BUY TICKET(S)

Fri 19th October 7.30pm – The Spy Who Dumped Me – BUY TICKET(S)

Fri 9th  November 7.30pm – Film TBC   BUY TICKET(S)

Fri 30th November 7.30pm – Film TBC BUY TICKET(S)