Julian   13m    Dir: Matthew Moore, Exec Prods: Ian Darling, Mark Kilmurry, Lisa Mann, Katrina Moore, Joel Moss, Tara O’Sullivan & Phillip Verity     Prods: Robert Jago & Matthew Moore.

9 year old Julian faces challenges at school, and we begin to see the qualities that will inform the man he is to become.

Fairytruth   7m   Dirs: Mike Green & Alexander Riley  Prod: Mike Green

Pops decides the time for fairytales is over, and exposes his grandkids to the ugly truth about fairies.

May     14m      Dir: Patrick Fileti     Co Dir: A. Chris Moreira  Prods: Patrick Fileti, A. Chris Moreira & Mark Scholler

A short film that illustrates you are never too old to come of age.

Cryo     16m     Dir: Luke Doolan       Prod: Drew Bailey

When a journey to another planet goes horribly wrong mid-flight, an ordinary female Engineer finds herself fighting to ensure the future of mankind.

Boo     4.30m     Dir: Rupert Reid       Prod: Matt Reader

Ma and Pa have been married forever and they keep the magic alive by staying one step ahead of each other, but how many steps are too many?

The Interviewer     13m     Dir: Genevieve Clay-Smith & Robin Bryan; Prods: Duncan Rose, Eleanor Winkler, Genevieve Clay-Smith & Henry Smith

Thomas Howell gets more than the bargained for in his interview at a prestigious law firm; an insult about his tie, a rendition of Harry Potter and the chance to change the lives of a father and son.

Purple Flowers     9.30m     Dir: Julian Ryan       Prod: Drew Bailey

Jack likes Jill. Jill likes Jack. Two kids learning about life, love, and death on a sunny afternoon. All this and chocolate biscuits!

The Gift  16m   Dirs: Spencer & Lloyd Harvey  Prod:Harvey House Productions

On the night of Charlie’s birthday his mother prepares for the gift to arrive.  Will the gift be all that Charlie hoped for?

Will the gift unite or separate his parents who stand at odds?